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OEM Upgrades

Audio [tooltip content=”Original equipment manufacturer” url=”” ]OEM[/tooltip] Upgrades

If you want to upgrade your factory fit car stereo but want to maintain the original look then an OEM replacement head unit is the answer.

An [tooltip content=”Original equipment manufacturer” url=”” ]OEM[/tooltip] stereo replacement matches the factory look but has high

end feature at a fraction of the cost. Enjoy features such as navigation, Bluetooth, ipod connectivity and much more, all though a touch screen and whilst still retaining the great original look of your vehicle. Oem replacement headunits are available for most major car manufacturer’s including  Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Vauxhall.

[tooltip content=”Original equipment manufacturer” url=”” ]OEM[/tooltip] TV Upgrades

As the Freeview  swichover continues to evolve and dominate the airwaves, a side effect is that it is rendering  thousands of [tooltip content=”Original equipment manufacturer” url=”” ]OEM[/tooltip] analogue tv systems useless.

PDACAR, have invested in the future and have a variety of products that will transform you analogue tv into a state of the art Freeview system. Our products will work in exactly the same way as your existing system, as our engineers will programme our units to exactly emulate your factory tv.

Why not let us add dvd whilst we are conducting our installation, so we really can change “are we NEARLY there yet”…to “aww are we REALLY there yet”.