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Parking Aids

PDACAR’s range of  parking sensors from companies like such as Steelmate, Cobra and Laserline can be fitted to the front and/or rear of virtually any vehicle to give peace of mind whilst parking.

Parking sensors (often referred to as PDC) will also protect against costly scrapes and bumps and to help reduce the stress of reversing in ever tighter parking spaces.

All sensors can be painted to match the vehicle paint colour to ensure they look an integral part of the vehicle bumper, while setting adjustments can easily be made to accommodate a tow bar.

We can also supply and fit a range of reversing cameras take parking safety to the next level with a compact dash mounted 3.5 inch colour screen, enabling drivers to literally see what is behind their vehicle when reversing. Aiming to take the stress away from drivers constantly working in restricted urban environments and to reduce the hefty bills a commercial vehicle can run up in reversing related body damage.